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Substitute teachers are needed to support the varying needs and offerings of our innovative school district. What a fantastic way for you to be directly involved in the lives of the next generation of learners and support our educators and administration.

  • Students have the necessary level of leadership in the classrooms making learning happen.

  • Parents/Guardians are assured their children are cared for and learning is still taking place.

  • Teachers are supported in the event of an absence or school business commitment.

  • School and District Administrators are confident the classrooms are adequately covered.

The Process

The School District of Waukesha has approximately 1000 employees who could request a substitute on any given school day. In order to provide adequate coverage for absences, we are regularly looking to add to our Substitute team. Substitutes are hired directly as District employees and managed internally. The Substitute position offers variety and a flexible schedule.   


  • DPI Licensed Teachers

  • Individuals that have earned an associate's degree or higher and are interested in obtaining a DPI Substitute Teacher License
         *  For additional information on obtaining a substitute license CLICK HERE.


  • Day-to-day substitutes teachers are paid $130/full day ($65.00/half-day).


  • Substitutes work in full or half-day time slots.

  • Substitutes pick up available assignments via Frontline Absence
    Management, our substitute management software. 

  • We regularly have a shortage of substitutes.  Next-day and same-day assignments regularly pop up. Flexibility and short-notice availability are helpful to having consistent work.

Consider Applying Today!

  • Here is a brief rundown of the process of joining the Waukesha Substitute team:

    • Attend a New Substitute Orientation. After your WECAN application is received and reviewed you will be invited to attend an informational orientation hosted by the School District of Waukesha.   You will learn more about the opportunity and receive District specific training and materials to complete the substitute hiring process.

    • Complete New Hire Process. Applicants will begin the new hire paperwork and requirements after attending a New Substitute Orientation.

For additional information contact Esther Mulder at 262-970-1119 or